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Thai Beef Over Rice

My family really enjoys stir fry type recipes.  My girls love rice and will eat just about anything I serve over it. So, they are always ready and willing to eat my stir fry type dishes.

I like stir fry type dishes because in general they are healthy.  Now, not all stir fries are, but most are healthier than your average dish.  They are also usually quick and easy.  In the time it takes for the rice to cook, I can make the rest of the meal.  They are definitely a 30 minute or less meal to prepare.

The other thing I like about cooking stir fry is that they are usually frugal.  Yes, they may contain some things like soy sauce, fish sauce,  and hot sauce, but you don’t use much of those ingredients.  A little goes a long way, I usually only use a couple of tablespoons or less per dish. So, a bottle will last you a long time.

This recipe is based on one that I saw in a magazine.  When I saw the recipe I like the overall idea, but it contained some expensive and not your average ingredients.  I changed it up a little to make it cost less and contain things that I had in my pantry.

We all really like this and I plan on making this dish quite a bit.

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  1. I LOOOOOVE Thai food. Friends of ours lived in Thailand and invite us over all the time and make us really authentic stuff. This dish is really similar to one of my favorite ones they make called Kapow. There is lime juice and Thai basil leaves added to the meat mixture and then a deep fried egg served over top. Definitely not a healthy way to eat an egg, but OH MY. If it wasn’t such a death trap to make them I’d totally attempt to.

    Great way to capture the flavors and make it more accessible!

  2. Great recipe. I added slivered carrots, cilantro, thai basil, lime zest, palm sugar and served over rice noodles instead of rice.

  3. My family loves this and we make it often. I had kind of an LOL moment tonight while I was making it though. I realized I’ve been using oyster sauce not fish sauce the while time!

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