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Easy Peach Dessert

I love easy desserts.  I love them even more if they are really good.  This one is both. It is so easy my 9 year old can make it and it is so good that we all enjoy it.

I found this dessert in an old cookbook that is out of print. It was so simple that I was not sure it would work and still be good.  But it was, sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Easy desserts like this work for me.

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  1. Oh yum! That is really easy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, this looks so good and easy, too!

  3. Everyone I know is posting recipes with peaches lately (including me!). This looks yummy!

  4. I would totally make this but I hate peaches. I guess you could fill in any kind of fruit though right?

  5. Yum!! I love the simplicity of this dish =D. And I think I might have some gluten free “graham” cracker crumbs laying around!

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