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Cheeseburger Pie

This is a simple recipe.  It is based on my cheeseburger calzone. It is basically the same with a different crust. Instead of using pizza crust, I used pie crust.  I really like the calzone version, but I think I like the pie version better.  Maybe that is because pie crust is not nearly as healthy as pizza crust is. I mean who doesn’t like pie crust.

I made a big “pie”, but I think you could easily make these into mini version.  I think I might try that next time. I think my kids would enjoy each having their own little one.

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  1. I love cheeseburger pie. I’ve never seen pickles added to it, though. I’m sure they had a lot of flavour. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the idea of mini pies, my boys would like those. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This looks great! I have another recipe for CB pie that is totally different, but I’ll have to try this one. Thanks!

  4. Hi Lynn!
    I made these with GF pie crusts and my celiac boy and DH asked for seconds. I now double the recipe and freeze 1. Thank you!
    From Sonoma County Ca.

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