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See what my husband brought me home yesterday.

Honey, fresh honey, that a patient gave him.  I doubt she knew how thrilled I would be to have fresh honey.

You see my dad used to raise bees.  I grew up around bees and fresh honey. I love fresh honey. Store bought honey does not even come close to comparing to fresh honey. Because we raised bees, we ate tons of fresh honey growing up. We ate it on toast, in sandwiches, and my mom baked quite a bit with it.

My sisters and I spent many hours helping my dad and mom process honey, which by the way is NOT a fun job. But while we were processing it we got to steal lots of bites of fresh honey.  My favorite treat was to chew on the honeycomb. This fresh honey brought back memories.

Tonight I ate a big spoonful of this honey. I just took a spoon, dipped it in, and ate it plain.  It was SO good. I had to stop myself from eating another spoonful. I am going to make this jar last. I have tasted quite a bit of honey over the years and this honey was really good honey.

Thank you Susan for the honey!!!! I know you read my site, so I wanted to let you knew how happy you made me.

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  1. You are most welcome :o)

  2. My father in law used to harvest honey as well. You’re right, store bought honey doesn’t even compare to the real stuff!

  3. Have you read the Secret Life of Bees? You might enjoy the parts of the story that talk about processing honey.

  4. honey is just so good for you
    and it goes well with so many different kinds of foods.. i love experimenting..

  5. Hello, just wondering if you can tell how processed honey is by the label. The honey I buy comes from a town nearby but is sold in the major grocery here. The town is about 45 mins away, so I thought it would be close enough to help for allergies and such. The label says…”Brown’s Golden Harvest pure honey ….Clover…100% pure honey” sold in glass jar with no foil/plastic before the or after the jar lid which is aluminum/steel I am supposing. Some of the honey with the same label I noticed at the store were different colors, which I think I read/saw somewhere that it’s just different “batches” or hives, or seasons of honey. I am interested in adding honey as a health benefit more and more into my diet and my family’s also, just thought I would find a little more about what I might be buying. New to my area, so not sure of where to buy local processed pure honey like at a farmer’s market or something. Thanks 🙂 Marcee

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