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Meal Plan

Once again last week’s plan did not go as planned. First of all I forgot to defrost the turkey breast I had planned on making. So, I had to figure out another dinner for that night. Secondly, we ate dinner one night at my in laws house. So, two of the meals never got made.

I also had planned on making several desserts and only one got made and it was a cinnamon roll recipe that I have made many times before. I just did not have much time for extra baking and cooking. 

The whole idea of a menu plan is it is just a plan. It gives me an idea and plan for each night and usually I stick to it.  But some days life happens and we need to adjust. Last week, I adjusted.

I thought about moving the turkey to a dinner this week, but when I looked at my week I realized it would not be a good week to fit that in. I am trying several new recipes and tweaking a few others to make them a little healthier. 

Once again I hope to get a few desserts made and also make some cookies to freeze, but I will have to see how my week goes.


Potato Soup

slow cooked baked potato soup

potato pizza casserole

meat and potato quiche

beef fried rice

taco pie

salmon quiche ( I am tweaking a favorite recipe)

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  1. I love reading the different recipes on you site. Please share the recipe for the potato pizza casserole.

  2. I’ll have to try that potato soup. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The potato pizza casserole and the beef rice sound great! What a great selection! Thanks for sharing!

  4. The slow cooked potato soup sounds delish. I know all about life happening and my menu plan going out the window. lol

  5. It sounds good. I love slow cooker recipes.

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