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Chocolate Pomegranate Custard

Several weeks ago I was contacted by POM Wonderful about trying their pomegranate juice. I have heard a lot about their pomegranate juice and how healthy it was, but I had never tried it. I thought it would be a good chance to give it a try and use it in some of my recipes.

The first thing we tried it in was smoothies and we loved it. It adds great flavor and makes the smoothies healthier, but I knew I wanted to come up with something more creative to use it in.

pom wonderful juice

I decided a dessert would be good, not a healthy way to use it, but good. I thought the pomegranate juice would work good in a pudding or custard and add a nice flavor to it.

I wanted to use it in a quick and easy dessert. I decided to tweak my favorite custard recipe by using the POM Wonderful juice and see how it turned out. It was so good. It added a great subtle flavor to the custard. My husband loved it.

I actually came up with two versions of custard using the POM Wonderful juice and both were really good.

The first version was just a pomegranate custard. It tasted really good and is something I will make again, however it was not the prettiest dessert I have made. It actually looked really bad. It only looked bad because of the color of it. It was this pinkish, purplish, gray color. Not the color you want food to be.

I thought about adding food coloring to it to make it red and help the appeal, but I don’t like to use food coloring. Not only do I not like to use food coloring, but I am allergic to red food coloring, so I needed another option. I needed to help the appeal some other way. One of my kids asked if it was chocolate when I first served it, so that got me thinking about a chocolate version.

Chocolate goes great with other fruits like raspberries and strawberries, so why not pomegranate? Chocolate and pomegranate actually sounded really good, so I came up with a chocolate version. It turned out really well, and was much more appealing to eat.

I actually liked the chocolate version better, but my husband liked the original version better. So, I decided to post both versions and let you decide which one you like best.

Now here isthe plain pomegranate version.

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  1. Sounds delicious to me!

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