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Easy Truffles

I love truffles and have always wanted to make them, but I never have made them. I do not know why because most recipes are really easy. They do take time, but they are really easy. They are also a pretty frugal holiday candy to make.

This recipe is based on a recipe I saw in an old Everyday Food Magazine. I changed them up a little, but the basics are the same. You could roll these in quite a few things. I rolled some of mine in chopped nuts and some in chopped Andes Mints. But you could also roll these in chopped mints, powdered sugar, or other candy.

You could also easily add mint extract or another extract to this after you melt the chocolate. I think that would be really good.

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  1. I’m a chocoholic so I’m all into these. Copied the recipe! Thanks : ))

  2. I love the idea of using the after dinner mint candies. Thanks for sharing!!


  3. Your truffles look great too. I love Everyday Food but have never tried their truffles.

  4. Mmmm mmmmm. Well now I’m in the mood for truffles, Lynn! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That could not be easier! I have always wanted to give truffles a try.

  6. I love truffles — this year I think I will try adding some Grand Marnier and then roll the chilled truffles in hard chocolate.

    The problem with truffles is that one wants to eat them — they’re hard to give away!

  7. Oh, this looks like a definite keeper–I’m FREE for a month, and I plan to bake a lot, lot, lot of candy. Thanks so much for this GREAT recipe!

  8. Thanks for this recipe.It sounds good and easy. I linked it to my own Frugal Friday post. Happy Holidays.

  9. those do look delicious and so easy! thanks.

  10. These look wonderful and while they’d be wonderful hostess gifts, I know I’d eat them before they made it out the door. Have a wonderful Foodie Friday.

  11. This is the recipie that I use too. These are mighty fine truffles. You could roll them in real Dutch cocoa powder or chocolates sprinkles and even add some raspberry liquer or some rum!
    When you make these for a present you will always have a big succes.

  12. My MIL makes them with cream cheese and I’ve seen them recently with only ingredients like yours and I really want to try them.

  13. These look amazing!! How many does a batch make? I need to find one more recipe for my contributions to our church sweet trays, but I need to make 15 dozen of whatever it is. With two little ones, under two, in the house, I need it to be something relatively easy. I think these would fit the bill!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. If you have any ideas of something else I could make for our trays, I’d love to hear any suggestions!

    • @Wendy, I did not count how many it made, but I think it was around 30. But I made them kind of big. These were rich, so next time I will make mine a little smaller. I hope that helps.

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