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Gluten Free Overnight Coffee Cake

This is my first official gluten free recipe. I have lots of recipes that are gluten free, but this is the first one that I have posted that calls for gluten free flours.

I have been reading a lot about gluten free baking. I have spent a lot of time reading websites. I checked out some cookbooks from the library and I have even bought a few of the gluten free cookbooks.

These have all been great ways to learn more about the science behind baking with gluten free flours. I am using them to learn what flours and products to use where. But I have not had many successes with the actual gluten free recipes that I have tried. They have been good, but not great. Gluten free baking is teaching me that I am more of a food snob then I realized. I am much pickier than I thought I was.

When I make a pancake, I want it to be a really good pancake. I don’t want it to be just an okay pancake. I have tried some okay gluten free things, but I want really good gluten free things. My goal is to feed my family good food that just happens to be gluten free. I have a long way to go in this area, but I am slowly learning.

I am trying to learn as much as possible about the science behind gluten free baking in order to figure out how to adapt regular recipes to make them gluten free. I have had better success adapting regular recipes and family favorites, than I have had making recipes from gluten free cookbooks.

This recipe is one of those that I adapted. I adapted this from my Whole Wheat Overnight Breakfast Cake. It was pretty easy to make gluten free and turned out well. This used to be a family favorite for breakfast, so everyone was thrilled that I came up with a gluten free version. I have made this several times and we really enjoyed it. I hope you do too.

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  1. Gluten free baking is quite an adventure, isn’t it?? I still have so much to learn too!

  2. I love breakfast dishes that I can put together the night before. I’ll have to give this a try.

    I have yet to make a really good pancake, but my buckwheat ones come close. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I know what you mean about high standards. I occasionally bake gluten-free for a friend of mine, and my rule is, it has to taste great to me too!

    Here is a recipe for a cake that pleases us both; I hope you will try and enjoy, too: http://culinspiration.wordpress.com/2009/03/21/lemon-cornmeal-cake-w-gluten-free-variation/

  4. I am so excited for you!! It’s so much fun to finally get it right, isn’t it? I love make ahead recipes like Linda, so this is a winner in my book. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Looks delicious this may be another meal to please the inlaws this christmas! 🙂 thanks!

  6. I have gluten allergy since childhood. I am always on a Gluten Free diet and i use guar gum in some of may baked foods.

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