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My Baking Day For The Christmas Party

I was able to get a lot done today for my baking day. In fact I finished up all my candies and desserts that I need to do for our office party. I am so glad to have that part out of the way.

Now all I have left to do is clean my house and make the appetizers. Oh, and fit in four doctors appointments for the kids and I over the next two days. I kind of have a busy few days, which is why I wanted to get as much done ahead of time as possible.

Here is what I made for candies and desserts. I will post the recipes over the next few weeks.


chocolate coconut macaroons

peanut butter cups (these turned out so good, I have made others, but I think these are the best I have made)

toffee peanut rocky road bars

snow buddies mix

chocolate covered nuts

and my girls made chocolate covered pretzels

The pumpkin fudge I made was terrible. I knew it was a bit of a strange recipe because it was, well, pumpkin fudge. But it turned out really bad. I will not be serving or posting that recipe. It really was awful. I wish I had not wasted the ingredients, but sometimes that happens.

Now that I made all that, I am tired of chocolate and candy. I snacked way too much when I was making it all. I think I may have had my fill of chocolate for awhile.

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  1. Lynn, I’m drooling at the sight of these! It all looks delicious =D.

  2. Yummy! Can’t wait for the recipes…drool 🙂

  3. Can you please post the recipes for your peanut butter cups and your snow buddies mix? Thanks!

  4. Everything looks great. I’d love the recipe for the peanut butter cups, those are a weakness of mine for sure!!!! Leene

  5. Wow, those look yummy. I can’t wait for the peanut butter cups recipe. *drool* Your site is wonderful, Lynn! Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Christina says:

    oh, pretty please post the recipes soon! Thank you! Looks like we have very similar tastes in goodies.

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