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Puff Pastry Wrapped Brie

The other day when I posted my pictures of our office party food, several of you said that the brie looked really good. It was very good, or at least I was told it was. So, I wanted to be sure to share what I did to make it. It was really very easy and it made a nice presentation.

I have had puffed pastry wrapped brie before, but I have never made it. The first time I had this was when my mother in-law served it at a party she had. I loved it.

I love cheese. I always have loved cheese. Even as a kid I loved to eat just about any kind of cheese. So, the first time I tasted brie at my in-laws, I loved it right away. I can no longer eat brie like this because of the puff pastry, so next year I am going to try a different version of baked brie.

I wanted to serve a few different things at this year’s office party, so I decided it would be a good time to try making the puff pastry wrapped brie. I knew it would be easy to make and would be something most of the people at the party would not have had before.

This worked great for the party. You can eat it just like this, which is what most people ended up doing or you can spread it on crackers or bread. This is a rich cheese, so it does not take much. I cut mine up to make it easier to serve and I think I cut it too big. It might have worked better to let everyone just take off a piece the size that they wanted. Now I know that for next time.

So easy and so good!!!

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  1. Julie Anne says:

    Thank you for this simple recipe I am going to try it for ONE of our christmas gatherings where I have to bring something. I will also try the decoration on top idea that sound like it would look very festive.

  2. Cheese is always good =D. This looks amazing!

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