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Creamed Spinach

My husband and girls love spinach, my son and I, not so much. I like it in things, but not usually as a side dish. One way I do like spinach though is creamed spinach.  I mean who doesn’t like it when you add so much unhealthy stuff to it that you can’t taste the spinach.

This really is my favorite way to eat spinach. However, since it is not exactly a low calorie dish, I will not serve it often, but for a once in awhile treat, this is a very good way to eat spinach.

This is also a good way to get kids to try spinach. Many kids don’t even like the idea of spinach, but they would probably be willing to give this a try and once they try it, they may actually decide they like spinach.

Do you like spinach?

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  1. That looks delicious!!

  2. Julie Anne says:

    This does look delicious!! Do you think you could use canned spinach in this and if yes, how would you do it?

  3. I adore spinach, and this looks like a heavenly way to enjoy it!

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