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Kitchen Essentials-Wooden Spoons and Spatulas

Last week I posted on why I love my kitchen knives. This week my kitchen essential is several tools that are used all the time in my kitchen, but are much less expensive than my knives.

Today I want to talk about wooden spoons and spatulas. If you haven’t guessed by now, I love kitchen gadgets, but I like useful gadgets. If a gadget is going to be in my kitchen, it has to be one that I will use, and I use my wooden spoons and spatulas all the time.

I actually have at least four wooden spoons, but the two pictured above are a little different than most wooden spoons.  Most wooden spoons that I have had are pretty flat, but the two pictured above are scooped like a large spoon. You can actually scoop up food with these. I like the flatter regular style wooden spoons for stirring batters and thick items, but for stirring soups and more liquid foods, I love the ones that are pictured above.

Now about my spatulas. I am a little picky when it comes to spatulas. I have had too many spatulas that are flimsy and break easily. So, I prefer to buy spatulas that are a little nicer and heavier. I also like the spatulas that are heat resistant. That way I can use them on hot liquids and things like puddings. I think it is worth it to buy a nicer one. If you spend a little extra money you will get something that will last much longer.

The red spatula in the picture is one I picked up when I was shopping with my sister last summer in Oregon and I love it. One end is a large spatula and the other end is a small one. I love the fact that it is a two in one tool and I now use it all the time.

So, do you also love your wooden spoons and spatulas?

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  1. I use spatulas and spoonulas for most of my baking – with a wooden spoon every now and then =D.

  2. I have a set of bamboo spoons that I got from Pampered Chef that I just love! They’ve held up better than any other spoons I’ve ever bought. AND they’re dishwasher safe!!

  3. I can’t imagine a kitchen without wooden spoons. They are sturdy and they don’t mess up non-stick cookware. And they look cute sitting in a crock next to my stove!

  4. My favorite spatulas are from Pampered Chef, mine are atleast 12 years old and still work and look like new!
    My favorite wooden utensil is like a flat wooden spoon, our Canadian neighbors call it a spurtle. Very handy for making things in nonstick pans. Additionally, being flat they are easy to scrape off on the sides of a bowl or pan and don’t require my to dirty another utensil such as a spatula!

  5. I have bamboo wooden spoons from Pampered Chef and love that they are dishwasher safe! And my rubber scrapers are also from PC. my favorite is the Small Mix’N’Scraper. Stirs and scoops 🙂

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