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Menu Plan

I am still trying to use up some of the things in my freezer. I did pretty well last week. I really want to use up the last few pieces of last year’s pork before I start using the new. I have some sausage, pork chops, roast, and ribs left. Not only that when I was placing the new pork in the freezer Saturday, I found a few other things in the freezer that needed used up. So, I may be doing this challenge for awhile.

Here is this week’s plan.


eggs, bacon, and banana bread ( I am working on a gf version, but this one is really good)

yogurt and toast

pancakes with apple syrup ( apple syrup recipe coming soon)




rice cooker mac and cheese



leftover spaghetti

breakfast fried rice

venison steak

pork chops and potatoes

beef enchiladas

mexican pizzas


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  1. Cupcake Mommie (Jessica) says:

    I love the pictures! What a neat MPM!

  2. The Dec/Jan issue of HealthyCooking (by Taste of Home) had a 2 page spread with GF recipes. I know one was for cookies and I think one was for banana bread. Not sure what the other two were for other than baked goods. Just wanted to pass along in case you were interested.

  3. We had banana bread also – gotta use those black ones up! 🙂
    Everything looks delish.

  4. Banana bread yum!! Everything looks great!

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