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Gluten Free Rice Cooker Macaroni and Cheese

One of the things I have struggled with since going gluten free has been lunch. I miss bread. I don’t really miss bread, I miss the convenience of having bread for sandwiches.

Yes, I can make gluten free bread, but it is not as convenient to make. Not only that, it is quite expensive to feed gluten free bread to three kids on a daily basis. So, yes we enjoy my gluten free bread, but I do not make it more than about once a week.

So, I have had to find other things to feed my kids for lunch, because for some reason kids, or at least my kids, want to eat around noon each day. I could live with a yogurt and a banana, but my kids want a little more than that.

Before going gluten free I often made rice cooker macaroni and cheese for lunch or even a quick dinner. Now this was not gourmet macaroni and cheese, but it was really good and my kids loved it.

Soon after I started eating gluten free, I realized that I could easily adapt my rice cooker macaroni and cheese to be gluten free. Really, all I needed to do was use gluten free pasta. I have tried several different gluten free pastas now and have had really good results with Tinkyada Brown Rice Shells.

In fact, we have been eating this at least once a week for lunch. This is a meal my whole family enjoys. I love it because not only is it gluten free, it is very quick and easy, and fairly inexpensive for a gluten free meal.

Do you struggle with what to fix for lunch? What is your favorite gluten free lunch to make?

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  1. Tinkyada is our favorite too, hands down!

  2. I have made rice cooker gf mac and cheese too, only the corn pasta doesn’t cook nearly as well as the rice pasta; must be the way the rice cooker cooks. I agree Tinkyada is the best.

    We like to make salads, taco bowls, and quesadillas for lunch. And lots of fresh fruits and veggies. We eat way healthier now.
    .-= flora´s last blog ..Lemonade =-.

  3. nannykim/ says:

    I have also found that Tinkyada is the best. It is a nice consistency. I do enjoy gluten free home made soups with rice crackers for lunch. I also like chickpea dishes, potato dishes , rice dishes etc for lunch.

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