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Kitchen Essentials: Kitchen Tongs

Today’s kitchen essential is a simple one, but one I use all the time. This is an item that you can easily find for around $10 at just about any store that sells kitchen items.

The kitchen essential I am talking about is kitchen tongs.

Some of you may be wondering why exactly I consider these a kitchen essential. I consider these an essential, because I use them almost everyday.

I use them to stir pasta when it is cooking and then for serving the pasta. In fact, I prefer my tongs to those special spaghetti forks that they make.

I use tongs when I am frying things. I use them for flipping and turning meat when I am cooking it. I even use tongs for dishing up salad and other items.

I really do use these all the time.

So, do you agree with me? Are tongs an essential in your kitchen?

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  1. I agree. I use my tongs all the time.

  2. Totally an essential! I use them all the time too. I’ve fallen in love with the ones that have silicone tips too because you can use them to stir, flip, scrape, etc. on those non-stick pans.
    .-= Sara @ Our Best Bites´s last blog ..Our Best Bites Photography =-.

  3. Could not live with out mine.. they are an extention of my hand.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Essential! I have a set with silicone on the ends and a set without silicone. I use both of them all the time!

  5. My tongs are an extension of my hand! I always use them in the kitchen for everything… the long one is even good if you drop a sock behind the dryer (guilty!)
    .-= Skye´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday =-.

  6. I use my Pampered Chef bamboo tongs all the time! They’re small so they’re great for getting toast or buns out of the toaster or prying waffles out of the waffle iron.

  7. Anastasia says:

    Tongs are a great help squeezing lemon halves. You always get more juice out of them. 🙂

  8. kathleen says:

    I completely agree I love my tongs. I use them when cooking neat the most. Although I need a new one or ones! Mine was the one my parents use when I was growing. They are a tad old!

  9. I use my tongs all the time. I never thought to use them for juicing lemons though…what a great tip Anastasia! I need to look for the ones with silicon tips to, using them for stir-fry is another good tip.

  10. I agree. In fact I just bought two more yesterday while at the store. I love the one I had and use it every day.

  11. Yes, because both my husband and I are short, so we also use them to get item out of the cabinets that are above our heads. So I guess that makes them an extension for my hands as well.

  12. I love my tongs! And I just have to say that, for me, this is a kitchen tool where quality matters. My first pair in my first apartment were super cheap and all metal. Well, while washing them once, I sliced my finger open very badly on the edge. Ouch! I registered for a quality pair for my wedding and I’ve happily used them ever since. 🙂

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