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Toasted Coconut

Coconut is an item used in many recipes, especially desserts. Many times these recipes will call for toasted coconut.

I want to encourage you not to skip the step of toasting coconut when a recipes calls for it.

I know many people find this step needless and too time consuming, but it really is important.

Toasting coconut gives it an extra depth of flavor that you cannot get otherwise. It also gives it a totally different texture. It gives it a crunch that regular coconut does not have.

Toasting coconut is easy.

Spread coconut on a cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 for 5-7 minutes or until browned. You will need to stir this around several times while it is cooking, so that it does not get over done in some spots.

Let cool and use as called for in recipes.

Do you like coconut? Do you use toasted coconut?

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  1. I LOVE cocounut!! I just used it earlier this week in a toasted coconut chocolate chunk cookie recipe I found in a Southern Living magazine! Oh boy were they GREAT! And you’re right, toasting it gives it that great crunch and wonderful flavor.
    .-= Leigh Ann´s last blog ..Join us for today’s episode of Animal Hunter… =-.

  2. Coconut is so good. I have seen the toasted variety at grocery stores occasionally, but it is very expensive. So much cheaper to just make it yourself. Great post!
    .-= flora´s last blog ..Gluten Free Sandwich Bread =-.

  3. Delilah Stewart says:

    I toast mine in the microwave. Put it in a bowl for a couple of minutes. Stir and repeat until coconut is toasted. This works better for me because I usually for get about it and it burns in the oven!!!

  4. I agree with Delilah – microwave is quick & tasty-
    I check about every 15-20 seconds after the first stir.

  5. Love toasted coconut especially on pies and cakes. Have a wonderful Mothers Day Lynn. ((hugs))

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