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Dry Rub for Steak

I have mentioned many times how much I love to grill. This time of year we grill several times a week. From steak, to chicken, to hot dogs, and sausages, we grill it all.

And can I just say, when I say, “we grill”, I mean me. I do the grilling in this house. In many kitchen and homes, grilling is the “man” thing to do, but in our home I am usually the one in charge of the grill.

Now, this is not to say my husband does not enjoy grilling, he does. He used to do the majority of the grilling, but he often does not get home until after 6:00, sometimes closer to 7:00 at night. This presented a problem. If I waited until he got home to have him grill dinner, we would end up eating really late, and that did not work well for us.

I also found that after a long day at work, coming home to grill dinner was the last thing my husband wanted to do. So, I took over grilling, and I have done the majority since then.

Today’s recipe is a simple steak rubs. Dry rubs are great. They are a simple way to add flavor to steak or other meat. I like this rub for steak, but you could easily use this on other meats.

Do you have a favorite dry rub?

This recipe is adapted from Weber’s Real Grilling cookbook.

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  1. I love dry rubs. They are super easy and quick and add so much flavor. My favorites all come from the Weber cookbooks. But I can see you use those too.

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