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Nut Allergies and Social Events

This week SnoWhite and I are finishing up our series on life with nut allergies. We hope you have enjoyed the series and found some encouragement along the way. I know I have. It is nice to know that there are many others out there experiencing, and dealing with the same thing we are.

First of all, I will admit I have a lot to learn in figuring out how to handle nut allergies at social events and gatherings. It is a learning process and one that takes time to navigate, but I have learned a few tips so far that are working well for us.

First of all, offer to bring food. This works well when going over to a friends house or to a picnic or potluck. I find it easier to take food with me, then to worry about not having anything for my daughter to eat.

The other thing that works for us is to eat something first. If we are going somewhere where we do not know if the food is safe, we grab a quick snack or meal before heading to the event. The timing is not always great when doing this, I mean who wants to eat dinner at 4:30, but it will ensure that my daughter will not starve that evening.

I also have tried to keep food with us. I try to carry something in my purse, car, or at my husband’s office, that I know my daughter can have. This may just be a nut free granola or candy bar, but it is food. This way if we end up somewhere where there is no safe food for her to eat, I will at least have something that I can offer her.

I am also finding it easier to host events myself. For me this works great because I love to cook and entertain and it gives me the added benefit of my daughter having a good time without having to worry about the food she is eating.

What tips do you have for eating at social events?

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor. I am just someone that is sharing our journey with a nut allergy.

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