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Corn Soup

First of all, I am loving all the pork chop ideas that you are leaving on my menu plan post, so keep them coming. I am getting lots of ideas to use up some of our pork.

Now on to corn soup, which might actually be good served with a pork chop dinner. 🙂

I love soup, but I have said many times that I do not like it during the summer. I am more of a cold weather soup person, however I made an exception a few weeks ago, and I am glad that I did.

Our neighbor gave us some corn. It was so nice to have fresh from the garden corn, however some of it was not quite at its best.

I cooked up most of it and we ate what we could right away, but I had a few cooked ears left over. I also had a few ears that I had not cooked that needed to be used up.

I came across a Martha Stewart recipe for corn soup that inspired me to try make something similar. It was really easy and we all loved this.

I thought it made a perfect summer time meal, so I guess I can no longer say I won’t eat soup in the summer.

What are your thoughts on soup during the summer? Am I the only one that thinks soup is mainly a cooler weather meal?

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  1. i’m totally a cold-weather soup eater, but it’s not my favorite food by any means, ever. my husband loves soup year round. i’ve never heard of corn soup so i’ll have to try this out! thanks 🙂

  2. I too am a cold-weather soup eater. However, I’ve had to learn to make an exception given where we live at now. The border of Mexico never really gets cold so I just make soup whenever my hubby asks for it. (As he would eat it year-round.)

  3. Oh, yum! This sounds good! When we lived in Japan, we had a corn soup that we really liked. Not sure how it was made. MIght need to give this one a try. 😀

  4. Im with you. I wont eat soup or chili in the summer. I only like hot soups, cant stand the thought of cold soups. This corn soup sounds like what I make except we call it corn chowder. Yummy! We freeze our corn on the cob from the summer to use in soup during the winter. Love it. Glad you enjoyed it during the summer.
    God bless

  5. I’m pretty much a cold weather soup person and even then I’m not a big soup fan. But we do love fresh corn in our house so I might just have to try this recipe. Especially since I have a few ears at home that need to be used up.

  6. I don’t often have soup in the summer but I could definitely make an exception for something that sounds that good!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I just made this. So easy to make and very yummy! I made this as a half receipe. Only two in my house. I used all raw corn, no problem. I also used butter milk. Next time I think I’ll use less water because I like thicker soups. Will be making this again.


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