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My Garden

This is the time of year when all the work in the garden is finally paying off.

We have lots of tomatoes

and more peppers than we can possible eat.

We should have both watermelon and cantaloupe ready in the next few weeks.

I am also very excited that the blueberry bushes,

and the apple tree we planted five years ago, are finally giving us a good crop.

With berries and fruit trees you have to be patient. It takes a few years for them to produce, but once they do it is so worth it.

What is growing in your garden this year?

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  1. Nothing in the garden right now because it’s too hot and humid. I love seeing pictures of gardens this time of year. It gives me inspiration to finally get something planted come September/October. I’m in S Florida, so unfortunately no apple trees for me.

  2. Would you maybe share sometime about your blueberry bushes? How many should you plant, how long did they take to produce, what kind are they, etc? We are in an apt. now but have always said that when we have our own place that is one of the first things we want to plant!

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