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Managing Your Time In the Kitchen: Grocery Shopping

Today’s tip for managing your time in the kitchen is a simple one, but one that many people skip.

Grocery shopping is a necessity of kitchen life and my number one tip for saving time while grocery shopping it to take a list. The time it takes me at home to sit down and make a list is well worth the time it saves me at the grocery store.

Without a list I will be much more likely to forget something, which will then mean an extra trip or two to the store.

Not only will I be more likely to forget something, wandering around the grocery store trying to remember what I need, or what I am going to be cooking that week, is a waste of my time. If I have a list it is much easier to go to the store, get what I need, and get out quickly.

Having a list also keeps me on track. It keeps me focused on what I need. I spend less time and money on things that I do not need when I have a list.

Do you shop with or without a list?

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  1. I ALWAYS take a list. At my house we have a magnetic memo pad on the fridge where we keep a running list of things as we run out of them. Drink the last of the orange juice? Add it to the list. Notice we’re low on Cheerios? Add it to the list. When I make my menu plan for the following week I take my growing list, add to it what I’ll need for the week and go to the store. This works well for us and having a list ABSOLUTELY cuts down on how many extras we buy.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I take a list. I usually write my list on the front side of an envelope, and then I put any coupons I plan to use in the envelope. It’s more convenient to do that rather than to take my large coupon organizer.

    I just recently downloaded a grocery list app onto my iPhone called Grocery IQ. I’ve only used it once, but I’m curious to see how it will work. I’ll still need to take an envelope for my coupons, though.

  3. what usually works best for me is keeping a list on my phone – because I rarely shop for much besides special sales – I keep a VERY well stocked pantry/freezer etc – however when I do run low on something I tend to forget it – so if i just add it to my list then it reminds me!

  4. I almsot always shop with a list and coupons, I find when I don’t I spend alot more and I forget things.

  5. AllieZirkle says:

    My shopping list includes a column for the anticipated price & a column for the actual price. This helps me shop with cash and determine if it’s something that can wait a week or if I can stockpile something specific.

    When I shop with my husband, we pick a dollar amount to work with instead of specific items because he likes to throw things in the cart like a kid. By the time we get to check out, and he realized that $X won’t cover $XX worth in the cart, he starts putting stuff aside and widdling down to what we really need. lol It’s fun to watch because I’m frugal and he’s not so setting a $X limit helps keep things in line.

    Also, when I shop at walmart, I price match. I write down the different local stores’ names and leave space to write in items below. I start with 1 ad and write down the best price (item name & brand, qty / pack size, $ or $/lb). As I go through the other ads, if there is a better price, I list it accordingly and draw a line through the other that I thought was the best price.


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