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Quinoa Pasta

I have tried a wide variety of gluten free pastas including corn, quinoa, brown rice, and others. Many of the ones I have tried have been quite a disappointment. Some of them were just plain awful and ended up in the trash.

So far my favorite brand has been Tinkyada brown rice pasta. For things like spaghetti, spaghetti carbonara, my taco pasta, and other pasta dishes, I love the results I get with Tinkyada. In fact my husband says it is better than the whole wheat pasta that we used to eat.

My one complaint with the brown rice pasta though is that it is not nearly as good leftover. The texture is just not the same the next day even with the Tinkyada brand. For this reason I have avoided making things like pasta salad with the gluten free pasta.

Recently though after talking about gluten free pasta with a friend, I decided to give quinoa pasta a try again and use it in pasta salad.

I was really happy with the result. The quinoa pasta worked great. It was much better leftover and cold in a pasta salad.

I still think Tinkyada will be my favorite choice for most things, but I think for pasta salads and other similar dishes Quinoa pasta will be my first choice.

What are your thoughts on Quinoa Pasta?

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  1. I like the Quinoa pasta and I think it is typically cheaper and healthier than Tinkyada. It’s not my husband’s favorite, but the kids and I don’t mind it at all. However, it doesn’t seem to work so well for rice cooker mac and cheese, whereas the Tinkyada noodles worked fine. I don’t like the brown rice spaghetti noodles, they seem oddly textured to me, but I haven’t noticed a problem in pasta salads.

  2. do you know would it be ok in making my one home made pasta to use just quinoa and tapioca. Do you haw any recipe?

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