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Bacon Cheeseburger

How do you make a hamburger even better?

You add a little chopped bacon and cheddar cheese to it.

Today while I was getting ready to grill hamburgers for dinner I realized that I had a few pieces of bacon that needed to be used up. I decided to chop it up and add it with a little bit of cheddar cheese to the ground meat.

Yum!  The hamburgers were so good and a nice change from the way I usually fix them.

What is your favorite way to eat a hamburger?

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Bacon, a little barbecue sauce and some onion straws (love TPW’s recipe). Or sauteed onions (sauteed in bacon grease!) and a bit of A-1 sauce.

    Yum. I think I need a burger for lunch today now!!

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