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How To Braise Meat

Many times recipes can seem overwhelming and difficult when they are not difficult at all. Once you know a few techniques and cooking terms cooking becomes much easier.

One cooking term that often scares people away from recipes is when it calls for you to braise the meat. Braising meat is not difficult and is actually something most of you are doing and may not realize it.

Braising is simply the process of browning meat in a fat, like oil, and then cooking it slowly in liquid for a long period of time. You usually braise roasts and other less tender cuts of meat.

Instead of using the term braise most modern recipes tell you to brown the meat, add the liquid, and then give the cooking direction, but in many older recipes you will find the term braising in the directions.

How many of you have been braising meat and did not even know it?

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  1. Me! Hmmm. This is good info to know. Thanks!

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