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Rice Crispy Balls

It always amazes me how the simplest things can impress my family.

I have been making rice crispy treats for years. I think most of us grew up making and eating them.

I recently took the basic rice crispy recipe and used chocolate cereal, but instead of putting them in a pan, I made  balls out of them. It was so easy and yet impressed my whole family.

My husband told me they were really good and asked if they were a new recipe. My kids thought that they were lots of fun to eat and really enjoyed them.

These would be perfect to serve a group of kids or at a birthday party. You could make several different flavors using different cereals. They would make a fun presentation in a large bowl and be perfect for kids to just grab and go.

All I did for this was make the treats as usual, but I used me cookie scoop to form the balls. I dropped them onto cookie sheets until they cooled and then served them.

Simple, easy, and fun!

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  1. AllieZirkle says:

    What a great idea! I wonder if you could make them like a chocolate drop (no bake) cookie with rice krispies instead of oats? I don’t have marshmallows (or time to whip some up!) but I do have the rest. Yum! I’m going to try these tonight!

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