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Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting

This Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting is so good. It is one of those recipes that I could just sit and eat by the spoonful. It was so good that I knew I had to post it in time for all your holiday baking.

Many times when I make a new recipe I wait several weeks before I post it. I am a planner and scheduler, so it works best for me to plan ahead. I am not usually a cook and post right away type of person.

However, when I made this frosting yesterday, I knew I had to post about it right away.

I can see this frosting on so many things. It would be good on a basic chocolate cake, but I can also see this on a carrot cake, a banana cake, a spice cake, or even an applesauce cake. Really, this frosting would be good on just about any cake.

I made it to use with my cake mix cookies. I made the gluten free version yesterday and it worked perfectly for these.

My husband ate some of the leftover frosting on graham crackers and he said it was very good that way.

And what I love about this frosting is it is not only good, but really easy.

This makes quite a bit of frosting, so depending on what you are using it for you may want to half the recipe.

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  1. i’ll have to try this out- it sounds so yummy. i love caramel!

  2. Created something very similat to top my daughter’s christening cake with 2 weeks ago – made a sandwich cake using vanilla pound cake with just the caramel as the filling and covered the whole thing in this frosting. Yum.

  3. Mama Kelly aka Jia says:

    I make our own caramel topping from time to time. You can bet the next time I make a batch, this frosting will be being made as well.

  4. So excited to find this recipe. I have struggled w/ the icing on my grandmother’s banana cake recipe and this is such a great idea. Thanks so much!

  5. Is it necessary to sift the powdered sugar first?

  6. This sounds sooo good!

  7. sounds great i can not wait to try thank you for sharing

  8. Im looking for a filling for chocolate cake cookies LOL but most of the recopies for frosting need to refrigerated after putting them on the cookies, can this icing be left out? or does it also need to be refrigerated. The cookies are for a cookie exchange so they will not be refrigerated for at least 24 hours

    • I think this and other frostings would be ok left out for 24 hrs or less, but the problem is when frosting is used as a filling and not refrigerated it softens and does not hold up as well because it is not as firm. I hope that helps.

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