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Dessert Tonight

This was our dessert tonight.

And who says gluten free can’t be good!

Recipe coming soon.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Oh … that looks so good!

  2. Is there a way to print just the recipe in your posts without all of the article attached? I like to print and file them until I need them. That way I don’t have to remember what recipe was on which blog.

    • Barb, right now the only way to print is using the icon at the bottom of the post that does include the post part also. I do hope to have the feature soon that will allow you to print only the recipe. Many people have requested it and we are working on it.

      • Cecilia Stein says:

        If you highlight the part of the site that you want to print, then go to print preview. (On my screen, it is on the right. click on the drop down triangle directly to the right of the little printer icon.) Click on print preview. At the top center of the window that opens, Click on ‘as selected.’ below the “as laid out on screen.” The window should show just the portion that you have highlighted. At that point, in the upper left, click on the print symbol. It should work. (I hope.)

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