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Evie’s Rolls

Today I am very excited to have my sister Evie guest posting. Evie is a great cook and she loves spending time in the kitchen. She does not have a blog, so I have convinced her to share several of her favorite recipes with my readers over the next few months.

The roll recipe that Evie is sharing today is one that she made for us one time when we were visiting her in Oregon (this was in my pre gluten free days) and they are wonderful. Thank you Evie for sharing your recipe.

This year in the midst of planning Thanksgiving dinner for my family, I was looking for some new recipes to try.

One afternoon, my husband found me in our living room looking through cookbooks, magazines, and online. He was completely shocked to find out that I was looking for another roll recipe.

He asked, “What about my FAVORITE Thanksgiving rolls? Why can’t you just make those?” After a little contemplation, I decided he just might be right. Why change recipes, when this one is so great?

Here’s what I really like about this recipe. In these rolls, I think the butter, honey, and shortening trio makes them better than others I’ve made. Also, most of the other bread recipes use oil in the bowl when raising the dough and in the baking dish. However, this recipe uses butter in the bowl and baking dish. I like the added buttery flavor this adds to the rolls.

In my recipe search for other side dishes, I did come across a recipe for overnight refrigerator rolls that I’d like to try. For Thanksgiving, I might venture out and make them, I just won’t tell my husband before he tastes them at dinner. 🙂

I hope you and your family enjoy our favorite dinner rolls as much as my husband does.

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  1. Ooooh… thank you. I’ve been looking for a Thanksgiving roll recipe and this just might be it! Hugs

  2. I have made these rolls before too. They are indeed very good and fairly simple; perfect for a holiday meal.


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