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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last few months I have received a lot of questions asking why I post what I do on my site and also why I do a series like Baking Day.

I put together a frequently asked questions section for my readers who are curious about our food challenges and why I post what I do. I hope this helps answer some of the questions that you have had.

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  1. Have you tried soy butter? My son had a peanut/tree nut allergy and we discovered soy butter. It taste almost exactly like peanut butter and has the same consistancy. We most used it to bake into treats. I don’t know your daughters age, but after 4 yrs of nut allergy, my son has outgrown his. They had told us puberty was our best chance. Imagine our surprise. We have known for about 6 weeks and we still catch ourselves reading labels.

    • @Jaynie, Soy butter is the substitute we use that most. My daughter does not like the sunflower butter, so we use the soy butter. As far as my daughter outgrowing her allergy, it is unlikely in her case. She is 12, so she developed the allergy during puberty, which we were told, makes her less likely to outgrow it. Although I hope that she does. What a blessing that your son did. I am sure that was a nice surprise.

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