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Kitchen Essentials: Offset Spatula

Today’s Kitchen Essential is one I love and use often. It is a simple and inexpensive tool that makes frosting cakes and cupcakes so much easier.

I had heard about these for years, but it took me awhile to break down and buy one and now I am wondering why I waited for so long.

The essential I am talking about today is a simple offset spatula

Yes, you can use a knife or other spatula to frost a cake, but the fact that this has a bend in it, making it off set, makes frosting cakes and desserts so much easier.

If you make a lot of cakes and do not own one of these, you really need one. I now own two different sizes and use them all the time. The smaller one is nice for things like cupcakes and the large one works well on layer cakes and larger cakes.

These would also make great gifts for the holiday.

It is amazing how something so simple and inexpensive can be of such a help in the kitchen.

Do you agree? Is this an essential in the kitchen?

Do you use an offset spatula for anything besides frosting?

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  1. I have the smallest offset spatula. I bought it for frosting cakes, but I use it for all kinds of spreading, for loosening food from glass casseroles (think bread pudding or something similar), and for getting that first piece of cake or cornbread out of the pan when a regular pie server or spatula is just too big.

  2. I purchased an off-set spatula as part of a Wilton cake decorating class I took when I was first married – over 17 years ago! I still have it and use it whenever frosting anything. I have a large one and small one.


  3. I use my little offset spatula to lift muffins out of the tin after baking (I don’t usually use papers). The rounded tip keeps from poking into the side of the muffin and I think it works better than a knife.

  4. I agree! I never bought one either…then my mother passed away and in going through her kitchen, I came across the one we had while I was growing up. I am now the proud owner of it and LOVE it!
    It is a larger one so I need to get a smaller one for cupcakes. 🙂

  5. I use an offset spatula for spreading things, but I find using a spoon works better for frosting cupcakes. Get a spoonful of frosting, then twirl the cupcake underneath it. The curved spoon is the perfect shape.

  6. I agree, it’s a great tool for frosting cakes. However, I don’t frost cakes very often, so mine gets the most use as a tool for leveling cups of flour.

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