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Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is this week and I know that many of you may still be looking for some new ideas of what to make.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes that would work perfect for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Do you need a side dish idea?

Try corn pudding

or crockpot mashed potatoes.

Do you need help making a pie for Thanksgiving? Here are my tips for making a homemade pie crust.

Or are you looking for a new dessert to try?

This pumpkin bread is so good and definitely not your average pumpkin bread. I also have a gluten free version of this bread.

or how about a pumpkin cake. We love this and I also have a gluten free version.

I would love to hear what you are making this year for Thanksgiving.

Are you staying home and hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner or are you traveling and just contributing part of the meal?

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  1. We don’t do traditional Thanksgiving. I’m not a huge fan of turkey or any of the side dishes for that matter. My hubby wasn’t particularly attached to Thanksgiving dinner either. I used to make ham; but recently we started a new tradition.
    Every Thanksgiving we pick a theme and go “all out”. This year it’s Diner Food. We’re serving chili cheese fries, three different versions of sliders (mini burgers on homemade buns) with all kinds of toppings, onion rings, milk shakes, and pie for dessert. I’m also going to put out a veggie tray and a fruit tray to round things out.
    Last year we did an Italian theme and the year before that was BBQ. My favorite was the year we did Steak House. My preschoolers were always being asked at church and Bible study what they were thankful for and they answered “I’m thankful for STEAK” every time. It was hilarious!
    Part of my family is here to visit for the holiday so I’m hosting. And since they had to drive 1200 miles to get to my house, I’m doing it all. I think my dad misses the traditional meal. But spending time with the grandkids makes up for it. 🙂

    • @Lynn, Thank you for sharing that. The holidays are all about family and traditions and I love the fact that you are creating fun memories for your family and kids. What fun they will have when they grow up talking about the different Thanksgiving dinners they had as kids. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving this year!

    • @Lynn, What a fun idea! I trust your family has an absolutely wonderful visit!! Will Sock Hop music be playing in the back ground?! 🙂

  2. Corn pudding in on my list! I made some a while back and it turned out so fantastic that I decided then and there I was making it for Thanksgiving! Mmm…… I never knew I would love it so much! I used the cornbread mix (Jiffy) that has sugar in it. Oh my!

    I love Thanksgiving and all it’s traditions~ and yes, even the dressing (I have NEVER been a dressing/stuffing fan at all)…… We have always made a huge deal over the turkey menu every year when I was growing up and always made it a huge family day~ and today years later, it’s still growing strong. In fact, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year!

  3. Lynn,
    Would the crockpot mashed potatoes still be good if I made them a a day ahead of time? Need timesavers as I have a lot of cooking and cleaning to do tomorrow!

    • @Kristen, I think mashed potatoes are best they day of, but that being said you can really make any mashed potatoes ahead, and just reheat adding more liquid to make them creamy again. I hope that helps.

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