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Menu Plan- January 16th- 22nd

This is the time of year where I am trying to clean out my freezer. We are butchering our hogs soon. So, his means that I need to use up all the pork from last year, plus a few other odds and ends from the freezer, in order to make room for this year’s pork.

I know this is a tough problem to have, I mean having to use up the last few pounds of bacon and sausage is always a hard chore.

Actually the hard chore may be using up the seven packages of pork chops that I have left. That would be pork chops at least three nights a week, wait pork chops are not on the plan this week, so maybe we will be eating them every night next week. Anyone want some pork chops?

Any guesses what my least favorite cut of pork is? Yes, it might just be the pork chop. My husband loves them however, so maybe he won’t mind eating them seven days in a row in order to use them up.


eggs and toast

cottage cheese (my kids love it for breakfast) and homemade granola bars


pancakes( I will be posting my gluten free version this week)

eggs and sausage


leftover tomato soup

macaroni and cheese




homemade refried beans and nachos

roast, with potatoes and carrots

beef enchilada soup

slow cooked barbecue pork

bacon spaghetti ( new recipe) and bread

chili ( We have having a a group from church over for a chili dinner)

bacon corn pie ( new recipe)

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  1. Amy Ramos says:

    I keep forgetting to tell you I love the enchilada soup! I had some left over taco meat and enchilada sauce starring at me in the freezer so I thaw those puppies overnight and add the rest and viola! Dinner was served.
    We baked some leftover corn tortillas and used them as our toppings.

  2. This recipe for the beef enchilada soup is awesome looking, can’t wait to make it, I can spice it up for my 10 yr old son who loves to gobble up anything spicy and keep it mellow for the rest of us.
    Our family would def. take some of your extra pork chops! Our freezer and bank acct. are low like a lot of folks this time of year!

    Thanks for all the great content!

    • @cheryl, I am very blessed to have the “problem” of too much pork meat. I was just thinking the other day that pork used to be such a treat, especially when I was growing up. Now, I have an abundance of it and sometimes get tired of it. And it is a blessing to have that problem. My kids actually now think chicken is a treat because we only buy it when it is on sale for a really good price, because we have so much other meat.

      I do hope you like the enchilada soup. It is so easy to change how spicy it is. And it is such a nice quick and easy, frugal meal.

  3. Hey there –
    Thought I would pass along our FAVORITE pork chop recipe to help you out. It is seriously scrumtious!
    And, I totally need to try that Enchilada Soup!

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