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Menu Plan- January 23rd- 29th

This week I am trying several new recipes. Four new recipes to be exact. If they turn out well I will be sure to post them.

Last week we definitely found a new favorite dinner. Those of you that follow me on Facebook know that I made a dinner that contained one pound of bacon. Well, I can easily say that dinner was a success. It was one of the best pasta dishes I have made, and it should have been. How could anything with a pound of bacon in it be bad?


eggs and muffins

yogurt and muffins



waffles ( and a gluten free version)


rice cooker macaroni and cheese





soup (new soup recipe)

potato soup

pork chops ( new recipe)


pork roast, potatoes, and vegetables ( new pork roast recipe)

meatloaf and vegetables

bacon and corn pie ( new recipe)

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  1. I love your rice cooker mac and cheese recipe!! It’s on our menu this week too.
    Enjoy the new recipes.

  2. The picture of your muffins look yummy, and I am not a big muffin eater.
    Would you be willing to share your muffin recipe and the glaze recipe that goes on the muffins? I would love to try it.

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