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Twice Baked Taco Potatoes

My favorite way to eat potatoes is twice baked. What is not to like about a twice baked potato? A potato baked with sour cream, cheese, and other good stuff mixed in. Who would not like that?

Today’s recipe is for twice baked potatoes, but it is a slightly different version than a regular twice baked potato. I have turned this twice baked potato into a taco potato simply by adding taco meat to the filling.

My husband really enjoys these, because he thinks everything tastes better with a little meat added in. I like these because they are a meal all by themselves. I usually serve them with salad, but my kids would be happy eating just these for dinner.

These also work well made ahead. I make them up early in the day and then just put them in the oven for the final baking when I need them.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

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  1. Can I just say YUM?!!! These are going to be our dinner tomorrow night. What a perfect weekend meal. Thank you!

  2. Twice baked potatoes work great for OAMC. You can freeze the potatoes after you stuff them. Then, just defrost and bake off the second time. I used to keep my freezer stocked with them but somehow they just fell off the menu planning lists.

    I’ve been inspired to make up a batch of these taco flavored ones. They sound good!

  3. These look delicious, can’t wait to try them!

  4. I never thought of doing Taco flavor. We eat twice baked all the time but with shredded BBQ Pork or Chicken. I usually make a Pork Roast for dinner one night, then the next morning I throw potatoes in the crock pot (wrapped in foil, no water, cook on low for 8 hours) and when we get home from work the potatoes are done, I warm up the shredded roast toss in some BBQ sauce and serve with the potatoes topped with cheese, sour cream, butter and bacon bits! This is a great 2 meals out of one roast plan!

  5. Using your recipe for inspiration, I made them Italian style – substituting Italian sausage cooked in a little spaghetti sauce for the taco meat and using butter substitute and milk instead of sour cream and milk…Mozzarella cheese and parmesan in lieu of cheddar, et al. Family liked it. I will have to try your version one time, but on this occasion, I already had the ingredients for Italian style on hand.

  6. Thanks Lynn! We made these tonight and they were awesome. I made some vegetarian ones by using red lentils in place of meat and my bil raved about them. 😀

    • @Kendra, I am so glad that you enjoyed them. I made lentil tacos once and I enjoyed them, but my husband did not. He is not a fan of lentils, so he did not like them. I am glad to know that they worked well in these potatoes.

  7. Wow what a great idea. My husband and I did a mission trip to Mexico and had a dish similar to this one while we were there. I am adding this to next weeks menu plans. Thanks a million.

  8. This was a fantastic twist on an old favorite. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely be making these again!

  9. Have you ever tried freezing these?


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