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Chicken Vegetable Bake

My sister Evie recently informed me that I needed more chicken recipes on my site. I thought I had plenty of chicken recipes, but after looking around at my recipes for a while, I realized that she was right, I do not have very many recipes containing chicken.

I guess that is the problem with having a freezer full of beef, pork, and deer meat. We have so much other meat, that chicken is a treat for my family. I buy it once in a while when I find it for a really good price, but we really do not eat much of it.

So, I told Evie that I would love for her to share a few of her favorite chicken recipes and she agreed. Today, she is sharing a recipe that she recently came up with and I think it sounds really good. Thank you Evie!

Recently, I had a few vegetables and some cooked chicken that needed to be used up.  Usually I would have just made chicken pot pie, but I didn’t feel like having that for dinner.  Have you ever had one of those moments?  You have all of the ingredients for a dish and just don’t feel like eating it?

Going with a similar idea as chicken pot pie, I decided to throw together my own filling and top it with a biscuit crust instead of pie crust.  I have used a can of cream of celery soup, but I’m sure you could use cream of chicken or mushroom.

If you are opposed to using a can of cream soup, I put a chicken broth, butter, and flour alteration that I’ve also used at the bottom.

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  1. If you don’t have a food processor what would be a good alternative for the crust? Thanks for sharing

  2. I was just coming online to find a “different” recipe to use up the chicken I already cooked the other day. This sounds delicious! I don’t have buttermilk though, will regular milk do?

    • @Laurie, An easy substitute for buttermilk is for every cup of buttermilk use 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar and 1 cup milk. Let sit 5 minutes. Just adjust the amounts for this recipe for the amount of buttermilk you need. The acid sitting in the milk thickens and sours it. It is not quite the same, but will work. I need to do a post on that soon. I get the I don’t have buttermilk what do I do question a lot.

      • that’s awesome! Thank you..I’m so glad I have things needed to substitute. I am making this right now. I can’t wait!

  3. this looks really good…i love comfort food 🙂

  4. MMM, tell Evie it sounds great, we’ll have to try it soon!

  5. I have another question. Maybe its dumb..but 1) I chopped/minced the garlic and 2) I have never heard of “grated” cheddar cheese, so I used shredded. LOL My house smells wonderful 🙂 Thanks again for the recipe!

    • @Laurie, Minced garlic is fine, I would have done that on the garlic too. I think grated/shredded cheddar cheese usually means the same thing. Maybe it is a regional thing, but yes she means shredded cheese. I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Mama Kelly aka Jia says:

    You had me at garlic butter topping!!! This looks really really good.

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