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Menu Plan- March 20th-26th

The weather has been really nice here. It looks like spring has arrived and I am so glad. It was 80 degrees here today, which is a nice change after the winter we had.

I am so excited that we can start putting grilled items on the menu plan again. We did grill a few times over the winter, but it is nice to be able to grill more regularly now that the weather is nicer.

Is the weather nice enough where you are yet to bring out your grill?

Here is the plan for this week.


eggs and muffins

homemade granola ( I have been trying a few new versions that I hope to share soon.)

yogurt and banana bread ( I hope to share my gluten free version of banana bread soon. I am still tweaking the recipe)


yogurt and homemade granola bars


rice cooker macaroni and cheese

bacon spaghetti ( I am making this for my husband’s lunch staff meeting)





enchiladas with homemade sauce


steak (grilled) and salad

unstuffed peppers ( new recipe)

taco soup

slow cooked round steak

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  1. This is funny to me! We live in an area where it can be great grilling weather (on this second day of spring) or it can be horribly windy, with the threat of rain and even snow showers! 2 years ago (today) on my Son’s first birthday – it was perfect grilling weather and we could have eaten outside on the patio for his big birthday – and yet, I made something in the slow cooker and we were inside. Today, when I want to grill hamburgers and was hoping to be able to eat outside on the patio – it’s horribly windy, with the possiblity of rain or snow showers this evening! Oy! You win some, you lose some – maybe next year! We’ll still eat the hamburgers (and hubby will still grill) but we will plan to have the party all inside!

    We love to grill too and do so every Friday all summer long. We’ve grilled a bit over the winter, more last winter than this one. But it’s great to be able to pull it back out and incorporate it into dinners! Makes my nights that much easier!

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