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Menu Plan: March 6th- 12th

This week is going to be slow cooker week. My Slow Cooker Revolution cookbook came last week and I am anxious to start using it.

I have three recipes from it on the menu plan this week. I thought about doing all crockpot dinners this week, but I decided to stick with just three new recipes for now.

I plan to do a review of the cookbook after I try several of the recipes, but so far it looks like a good cookbook and one that is quite a bit different from other slow cooker cookbooks that I have seen.

Here is the plan.


homemade granola

eggs and smoothies


yogurt and fruit

blueberry pancakes ( and my gf version)



slow cooked ribs, oven fries, and vegetables

sticky chicken (slow cooker recipe)

pizza meatballs ( I am trying something new for these) and salad

slow cooked pork chops

out to eat

pork roast, potatoes, and vegetables

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  1. Christina Harrison says:

    I love ur site. It is very helpful. I know where to go when i need new ideas. Thanx

  2. Marlene Story says:

    I really enjoy your website since I love food made from scratch. I’ve already tried several recipes and they have been great. Thanks for all the good ideas!

  3. Lynn – I’m surprised all you blogger’s don’t know each other! LOL! Just kidding, I know there is a like a million of you! My favorite blogger, two years ago, did 365 Days of Crock-potting. Literally did a something in the crock-pot every single day of that year (and I think she had a leap year to do too!) She was amazing with the crock-pot, doing things from using it for desserts and breakfasts, to using it as a deoderizer! She was just great. The only reason that I bring her up, specifically, to your attention – is that she has a Celiac in her family, and all of her recipes are in fact – Gluten Free. It is one of the best things about her book and blog is that her recipes were helpfull for all of the gf people out there, and I loved her too because she was allergic to pork and her recipes were pork free (she used Turkey bacon, or Chicken Sausage if it lists it in the book. Her publishers made her sell out and try 13 pork recipes which she handed off to friends!) Anyway, check out Stephanie’s blog and her crock-pot recipes for all the gluten free craze!

  4. ooh! slow cooker week…love it. I love your site. So many of my recipes are linked to yours each week:)

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