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Menu Plan- Using Up Leftover Ham

This week’s plan could be called using up ham week. Yes, I cooked a ham over the weekend and like many of you I have lots of leftovers to use up. One good thing about ham though is that there are so many ways to use the leftovers.

We also bought a new grill on Friday and I am excited to start using it this week. I will share more about what we got tomorrow, but I think I am going to love my new grill.

Now for this week’s plan.


baked egg cups (pictured above)

oven omelet

homemade granola



easy alfredo and salad

pasta frittata ( I will use ham instead of bacon)and fruit

grilled sausages and potatoes

cowboy spaghetti and bread ( This never got made last week.)

sandwiches, oven fries, and fruit


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  1. What a yummy way to use up ham, Lynn!

    Hope you guys had a fantastic Easter ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. my favorite way to “use up” leftover ham is to dice all the leftovers, then stick them in zip-freezer bags, and put them in the freezer. I’m not very good at cooking by recipes (part of why meal-planning hasn’t gone to well for me), so whenever I’m making something and I decide it needs some meat in it, I go to the freezer, grab a handful of diced ham, and toss it into the dish. I’ve done this with all types of meals including casseroles, stir fries, quinoa, taco-ish stuff, etc. It’s also wonderful for soups… I find it just gets me out of the “have to use this up now!” mode, and lets me just use it at my own pace, without wasting any…

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