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What Is It Wednesday- Wasabi Coated Green Peas

Last week most of you guessed wasabi peas for my latest What Is It Wednesday. And you were right, that is exactly what they were.

My husband loves spicy foods and he loves wasabi. However, I do not like wasabi or anything overly spicy.

But for the sake of trying new things, I tried the Wasabi Coated Green Peas. I took one bite, spit it out, and then drank a large glass of milk. I did not like them at all, but I will admit that I could not really taste them enough to know how much I liked them, because I could not get past the spiciness.

My husband, who loves almost all spicy food, tried these and said they were okay. He said they were good to try once and he ate the ones that I bought, but he said I did not need to buy them again. He just thought that they were a little odd.

So, wasabi coated peas are probably not something you will see again at our house anytime soon. We will leave them to those of you that enjoy them.

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  1. we love wasabi peas! they are pretty expensive for peas so i don’t buy them very often. they are strange at first but they grow on you, and pretty soon one is a wasabi pea fan!! LOL

  2. wasabi peas are to me nothing to write home about.
    Cinnamon and Sugar pre-mixed. What a rip off. Very inflated price for a very simple combination. Two common things people who cook usually have in their kitchen.

  3. I love wasabi peas, but I think the trick is to just get them immediately to your molars and chew. You can’t really let them sit on your tongue for any length of time, or you’re in for a slightly unpleasant experience.

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