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Gluten Free Granola Pie Crust

I debated about which site to post this granola crust on. It is really good whether or not you are gluten free, but it is a perfect option for those that have to eat gluten free. It does contain oats which I know that some gluten free people cannot have, but many people can tolerate them.

I decided though that this crust really was a perfect crust for those that are gluten free and can tolerate oats, so I decided to post it here in my allergy section. It is a crust that can be used in so many ways and is one that many people would not think twice about being gluten free.

Now you do need gluten free granola for this, but I almost always have my homemade gluten free granola on hand. If you don’t keep gluten free granola on hand this pie crust would be the perfect excuse to make some. Gluten free granola can also be found in many health food stores or in the gluten free section of your grocery store.

I made this crust recently for a yogurt pie, but this crust would work well for just about any no bake pie or any pie that you would use a graham cracker crust for.


Adapted fromMartha Stewart’s New Pies and Tarts

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures


  1. Great idea, Lynn!! This reminds me of an oatmeal crust we often use — but this is even easier since I almost always have homemade granola on hand.

  2. Francine says:

    I am new to the granola idea. I didn’t know there were different granolas! I like the idea you can use them to make different crusts.

    • I have several versions of granola that I make and I think they would all be good in a recipe like this. I have a homemade strawberry granola recipe coming up soon on my main site that would work well for this.

  3. Hi Lynn, I stumbled across your recipe in a search. I need a pie crust like this that is gluten free for my mother in law, but I need it for a cheesecake which is baked for about 30 min. Do you think I could use this recipe without the initial 10 min baking since it would bet baked with the cheese cake? Thanks for your help


    • I think it would probably work since you would only be baking the cheesecake for 30 minutes, but I have not tried it that. You could also use gf crumbs from gfree cookies, I have done that for baked cheesecakes and it works well also.


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