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What Is It Wednesday- Asian Pear

You all are very knowledgeable about food. Almost all of you guessed last week’s item was an asian pear and you were right, that is exactly what it was.

Asian pears are also known as apple pears. The box we bought was labeled apple pears.

We loved these. We ate them on their own and also in fruit salad.

I will definitely buy them again, especially if I can find them for a good price. The price was a bit high, but they are a nice treat that would be worth having once in a while.

And several of you have mentioned putting the items next to something, so that you can judge the size better. I have done that some in the past on my What Is It Wednesdays, but I am going to try to do this with all the items. So thank you for the suggestion.

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  1. I was gifted a big bag of Asian pears that were almost too ripe. I peeled and sliced them, then dried them. They are now known as pear candy. Delicious! I hope I get another big bag this summer. 🙂

    • Julie Huey says:

      @Judy D in WA, I took my favorite apple pie recipe and used asian pears instead of apples. The pies needed to be cooked longer due to it’s crunchy texture. The pear slices held their crunch somewhat well, but they tasted fantastic. If my pears were overripe or if I have extra pears again, I would definitely try it making the pie again.

  2. kim2256 says:

    They are absolutely delicious pickled. My grandmother used to pickle these every year since her neighbor had a tree with unused fruit. Unfortunately, they are much too expensive to buy retail.

  3. When I lived in Korea, we would eat these all the time. They would be as big as large grapefruits! We would have to share because they were so huge…what a beautiful country…

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