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White Chocolate Custard

A few weeks ago I posted my recipe for Chocolate Custard. It is so good, but I know that not everyone loves chocolate as much as I do. So, for those of you that prefer white chocolate over regular chocolate, this White Chocolate Custard is for you.

It is as good as the Chocolate Custard. It is just as rich and creamy, but it contains white chocolate instead of regular chocolate.

These chocolate custards go perfectly together and if I am serving them to company, I like to make them both and give everyone a choice.

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  1. are those white chocolate shavings on top, no mention of what is on top in the recipe.

    • @cheryl, Yes they are white chocolate shavings, which really are not necessary, but do make it look nicer. Plus, a little extra white chocolate is always good. 🙂

  2. Sounds quite good — even better than chips, look in the baking section for white chocolate couverture (larger than chips, they’re discs about the size of quarters). The couverture should contain cocoa butter, which gives a much more flavorful and silky texture than white chips. And a good sized pinch of saffron will make them even more delicious!


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