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Bob’s Red Mill Gift Pack Winners

The winners of the Bob’s Red Mill Gift Packs are:

Terri D- Lynn-I live in NC so there are not a lot of Bob’s products available but I have always wanted to try. I am sure their products are an excellent quality and how fun that you got a tour!

Sandra- I hadn’t realized there were quite so many items to choose from! We have perhaps 2-3 dozen available on the shelves here, which seemed like plenty until I found out what I was missing. I think the one I like best so far is the coarse-ground cornmeal. No wimpy mushy stuff in my cornbread, thank you very much!

Jen- I like the flax seed meal, and any oats!! 🙂


Lisa- We love Bob’s products! My husband recently found out he has celiac disease and so we’ve had to re-think they way we cook and eat, and Bob’s products have been so helpful and yummy!

I have emailed the winners.

Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you to Bob’s Red Mill for making such great products!


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