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Creamy Cold Tomato Soup

I know I recently confessed my dislike of soup during the summertime, but this Creamy Cold Tomato Soup is different. It is cold soup and cold soup is not really soup to me.

I know, I know, I am strange, but stay with me on this soup because it is really good.

Ironing is one of my least favorite jobs to do. I would rather clean a bathroom than iron and my ironing pile can vouch for this. So, I usually end up watching a cooking show while ironing. This is how I convince myself that I will not mind tackling the pile that is so often facing me.

So, I was recently watching an episode of Mad Hungry and saw a recipe for a cold buttermilk tomato soup. I instantly knew this was a soup my husband and girls would enjoy. They all love tomatoes and buttermilk, so I knew the combination would be one that they would enjoy.

In fact, my husband has been known to drink buttermilk by the glass full, but that is a subject for a different post.

I knew this was a soup that I needed to try. I recently had grilled tomato, bacon, and cheese sandwiches on the menu plan and I knew this soup would go well with them.

And it did. My family loved this soup. Now, I am not usually a fan of the taste of buttermilk. I love it for baking and for pancakes, but I do not like an overpowering buttermilk taste and I was a little worried that this would have that, but it didn’t. The buttermilk complimented the tomato nicely.

I love the fact that this soup is so simple. It only contains a few ingredients and it goes together in no time. I will definitely be keeping this soup on hand in the refrigerator for quick and easy summertime lunches and dinners.

This soup is the same basic soup that I saw on tv, although you know me, I did tweak it a little.



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  1. This look delish! I don’t normally buy tomato juice, I think I’ll try it with (last summer’s) canned tomatoes.

    I”m sure that everyone knows this….buttermilk freezes beautifully. I have a hard time using the whole quart, so I freeze in 1 1/2 cup increments (the amount I need for pancakes).

  2. Its funny to see this today- my daughter requested tomato soup last night, but I just made a homemade tomato-basil concoction. It was delicious, but it is weird eating hot soup in July in Texas! I’m not sure if my kids would go for cold soup. I once made a cold, spicy cucumber soup for my husband, and although he ate it, he never wanted me to make it again.

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