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What Is It Wednesday {Canary Melon}

You all don’t know how excited I was that last week’s What Is It Wednesday was hard to guess. I know that might sound odd but I was starting to think that my items were way to easy.

Last week though we had a more challenging item and many of you did not know what it was. It was fun to have an item that many of you were not familiar with. I loved reading the comments and seeing all the different thoughts. And I love the fact that this item is as new to many of you as it was to my family.

Last week’s What Is It Wednesday’s item was a canary melon.

This melon was good. Several in my family really enjoyed. I thought it was good, but not something I would probably buy again. It reminded me a lot of a honeydew melon and honeydew melon is not one of my favorite melons.

However, some in my family disagree with me and they love honeydew melon and enjoyed this melon a lot.

In my area I paid quite a bit for this melon, but since some in my family did enjoy it, I would probably buy it again if I found a good price for it.

If you have had Canary melon what did you think of it? Did you think it was like a honeydew melon?

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  1. I LOVE honeydew melons, but am horrible at picking them out. Does anyone have ides on how to pick out a good melon? I got a tutorial from my grandma last week on how to pick out a watermelon, but she said she wasn’t any good at picking out honeydew or cantaloupe.

  2. Lynn, we’ve never had (or heard) of canary melons. How does it compare price-wise to honeydew melon? I normally don’t like it too much but when it’s perfect and ripe it’s really good. I may try the canary melon just out of curiosity and if it’s not too expensive.

  3. We just tried a golden honeydew melon yesterday. I’m not sure if it is the same as canary, but it looked like that melon. I was sooooo good. My kids said it tasted like a cross between a cantaloupe and honeydew. As for picking cantaloupe I go by smell mostly, and orange color to the flesh on the outside. A lady told me to take two of the same sized melons and weigh them in each hand, and pick the heaviest, as it should be riper and juicier. I did that with this one and it really worked ๐Ÿ™‚ It was tastier than the sample one that I tried at the store, which made me try it in the first place. As for price I paid $2.99 in Michigan. I would like to get it on sale next time, but I thought it was very good tasting, and worth a try after sampling it.

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