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What Is It Wednesday {Sugar Cane}

I loved reading through the comments on last week’s What Is It Wednesday.

Quite a few of you guessed sugar cane, but Vivian had it exactly right when she guessed canned sugar cane.

It was canned sugar cane and we did not like it. Well, I should say my family did not like it, I actually did not end up trying it. Chewing it to get the flavor out and then spitting it out just did not sound that appetizing to me. And I just did not like the smell. It was had a syrupy sweet smell that I did not like. But that syrupy sweet smell makes sense, because it was sugar cane after all.

After doing some research online and from reading your comments, I think we would have liked it better if it has not been canned.

What do you think? Is the canned sugar can a lot different from the way most people eat it?


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  1. Weird. I wonder how it it supposed to be used? I’m off to google and find out.

  2. Growing up, we always chewed the sugar cane as a snack. I’ve had shrimp skewered on fresh sugar cane sticks and grilled. Also, good is a Chinese dish: fried shrimp balls on sugar cane sticks. Yum!

  3. Blahhhhhh, I hate canned sugar cane. I tried fresh sugar cane at taiwan and loved it, so when I came back to the states, I went to the asian market and got the canned ones. They tasted like really bad corn. I’m pretty sure they add something during the canning process to preserve it.

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