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August In Review and What Is Coming Up In September

Today is the first day of September and I have no idea where the summer went. It seems like yesterday it was June and the summer was just beginning and now it is September 1st and summer is basically over.

Today, I thought we would have a quick look back at August. I posted so many fun and tasty recipes in August. And many of the recipes can be enjoyed even after summer is long gone.

Creamy Bacon and Tomato Pasta can certainly be enjoyed all year long. I am sure you will be seeing this on the menu plan this fall and winter.

Green Beans and Tomatoes is an easy side dish for anytime of year.

And we can not forget about Oklahoma Prime Rib. That is definitely a treat that is perfect for anytime of year. In fact, as soon as we get some more rain and our burn ban is lifted, we will making some.

Let’s not forget about dessert. Blueberry Cobbler

and my grandmother’s no bake cookies are treats that can be enjoyed anytime.

And now for a sneak peek at September.  I will be sharing

my breakfast fried rice,

cream cheese blondies, chipotle enchilada sauce, several new taco fillings that we have been enjoying, and many more fun recipes and tips.

I hope you all had a great summer. What was your favorite recipe that you tried this summer?

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  1. My favorite new recipes were your Chicken Tacos and Mexican Style Rice ones! I’ve never made Mexican rice before and it’s perfect everytime! The first time I tried it I had to make it for a HUGE crowd-my husband’s family who are Mexican! I was so nervous and they raved how good the meal was. I did add extra cumin to the rice to give it a little more flavor. Perfect. THANK YOU for the recipe!!

    Actually, Lynn, I’m a horrible cook most of the time and your recipes are the only ones that work for me. I use a lot of yours for our meals and my family loves them as much as yours do. I’ve wanted to thank you for a very long time. 😀

    • That is so nice. Thank you very much for the kind words. Thank you for reading! And I am so glad that your family enjoyed the mexican rice.

  2. Hi Lynn,
    I do so enjoy receiving your updates and recipes! I, like some others, have been unable to find the breakfast ebook button. You say it’s right after your signature. I believe you, but it’s invisible to me. Help?

  3. I am new to your blog, relatively anyways. And I love all of your recipes, I look forward to Sept new ones! Thank you so much for keeping this blog going and sharing all of your family favorites with us.

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