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Gluten Free Cookie Disaster

Don’t those Gluten Free Molasses cookies look good? They tasted good too. The above picture was the first time I made them.

The second time I made them I decided to double the recipe because we enjoyed them so much.

And this is what happened. They still tasted good, but let’s just say they were a bit hard to eat.

The science behind gluten free baking is so hard to figure out some times.

Is it the recipe? Is it the fact that I doubled it? Or was it something else I did?

I am guessing it had to do with doubling the recipe. Sometimes that throws the recipe off just enough that it can change the results. So, I will be trying the recipe again soon, without doubling it. Hopefully, I will have similar results to the first time I made them, because I really want a good molasses cookie.

I will keep you updated and will share the recipe when I finally get it right.

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  1. haha, I love that you share your disasters (since I have them so frequently!) I have to cook egg free for my little one…so sometimes my substitutions don’t work out quite like I’d planned 🙂

  2. I loved my grandma’s molasses cookies growing up, I am eagerly awaiting your recipe post! 😉

  3. I’d definitely still eat them! It’s funny how you can do the same thing twice and the results are completely different. Are you going to see what happens when you make these cookies a third time?

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