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Menu Plan {August 14th-20th}

I feel like things have gotten a bit back to normal here. The weather had returned to more normal August like weather, which is hot, but not unbelievably hot. We even got some rain last week, which was such a blessing after having such a long dry spell.

Now, I hope that those of you in Texas, Kansas, and other parts of Oklahoma will get the rain you need soon. So, many states are dealing with dry hot weather this year.

Most schools in Oklahoma have either started school or will be starting school this week.  And although we home school, we follow the same basic schedule as the public school. So, we have started school. I figure that you can not do much else in the heat of August, you might as well start school. 🙂

We are back into the full schedule of school, which means we have a more structured schedule and it is so nice. As nice as summer is, I always do better on a schedule.

Here is our plan for the week.


coffee cake (new recipe) and scrambled eggs

banana baked oatmeal (pictured above)

yogurt and muffins


eggs and toast


quesadillas and fruit





hamburgers, potato salad, and coleslaw


roast and potatoes

fried rice

mexican rice and taco quesadillas


shredded chipotle beef tacos (new recipe)

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  1. Good luck with starting back with school. Your menu plan looks fantastic. Especially the fried rice…yum!

  2. Good luck with school! This will be my first year sending children to school. Your banana oatmeal looks like a perfect breakfast for my little guy.

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