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Menu Plan {August 21st-27th}

Our breakfasts have been a bit boring lately. I have fallen into the habit of putting the same basic things on the plan each week. So, this week I am going to try to branch out and make a few things that I have not made in awhile. I think my family will be happy about that.

Am I the only one that seems to be serving the same thing over and over for breakfast?


eggs and grits ( I am trying something new and will share about it if it works.)

smoothies and chocolate chip muffins, pictured above ( I will post my gluten free version later this week.)


yogurt and toast

breakfast fried rice ( I will try to share this recipe soon also)

pancakes ( I am going to be sharing a new gluten free recipe soon that we love.)


breakfast for dinner

tuna quinoa salad (new recipe)

nachos and fruit

tuna and rice (new recipe)

steak, mashed potatoes, and vegetables

fajita pizza (I will try to share the recipe soon.)

enchilada rice

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  1. I’m getting bored with breakfast too! I’ve stopped buying cereal because I was eating way too much of it and I’ve learned that I can happily exist without it. Greek yogurt doesn’t quite do it for me in the mornings, though I may try adding homemade granola to it this week. Toast is boring, oatmeal has run its course, and I did try quinoa made up as hot cereal. It’s actually really good and I’ll be posting that on my blog probably next week. I feel your frustration!

  2. Same here. I have been in a healthy-ish muffin craze lately. I have a 19 month old, so we try to do healthy foods and try to avoid cold cereal as much as possible. In the cold months we eat lots of oatmeal and polenta, but when it’s hot, the last thing I want is a super warm breakfast. Good luck!

  3. The chocolate chip muffins sounds amazing! I make a strawberry chocolate chip muffin that is always a huge hit and the kids love being able to eat chocolate for breakfast….and of course me too!

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